We opened our first chocolate and ice cream store in May of 2015, off the coast of Alabama. Our store was appropriately dedicated to the owner’s only child, Kayden, who was and is the charm of the business. From the beginning of our store’s venture to present day, we have chosen¬†to make most all our chocolate by hand. We have crafted a unique chocolate recipe that is unlike any other business’s in the area or those found in department or grocery stores. In addition to the homemade quality, we perform the creation of our products for our customers see! We invite our customers to view the process of enrobing our original cheesecake bites, coconut clusters, sea salt caramels, and many other recipes we have created in house. We offer over 72 different products, that may be purchased in store or online! Our homemade ice cream line began with the birth of our owner’s second child in 2017, Stephi.


In March of 2017, we began the process of making our own ice cream in store. We named our original line of ice cream, Stephi’s Supreme Ice Cream! We created our own ice cream recipes that surpassed the quality of well known ice cream brands and certainly our neighboring stores. Our butterfat content is exceedingly high and we pour more inclusions than most ice creams. We make the ice cream from scratch within customers’ view for an unforgettable¬†experience. Currently, our ice cream is only sold within our store.