Chocolate Trail



Are you looking for a project to do with the kids and treat them to something sweet with some health benefits? Kayden’s Candy Factory has a fun activity for you to do at home!

All you will need is some of Kayden’s milk chocolate, trail mix, and a flexible ice cube tray! If done right, your project should cost no more than $10!


First, temper your Kayden’s chocolate and pour it half way in your ice cube sections. 


After you have your chocolate poured half way in you ice cube sections, place pieces of trail mix into the mold. Once you have done this, cover your treats with a top layer of chocolate. Refrigerate your chocolate for at least 30 minutes to ensure the chocolate is firm and set. You will take out your ice cube chocolate pieces by applying pressure on the bottom and sides of each ice cube. Do not pull out the chocolate, you will be at risk of breaking your pieces. If you find that applying pressure is not sufficient, flip the cubes face down on a table while lightly tapping to loosen your pieces.


If you succeeded in completing this project and you had much fun accomplishing it, please let us know! We would like to hear about your experience. Don’t forget, you may purchase other chocolate items for gifts or special occasions online at:

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