Fact or Fiction?



  1. Heart disease is reduced by 1/3 if you eat dark chocolate daily?

  2. If you feed your dog chocolate, he or she will live up to 2 years longer.

  3. White chocolate has a higher level of cacoa bean than milk or dark chocolate?

  4. Chocolate protects your teeth from tooth decay.

  5. In 1746, the first chocolate factory was established in New York, New York.

  6. There is approximately 8 insect parts in a bar of chocolate.

  7. Every time an American team goes to into outer space, they bring chocolate.

  8. Chocolate causes achne.

  9. Cacoa trees, that essentially produce our chocolate, can live up to 200 years.

  10. People have been known to buy more chocolate around Valentine’s Day than for Easter.



  1. Fact!

  2. Fiction! Do not feed your pet chocolate due to their metabolism.

  3. Fiction! White chocolate does not have any solid cacoa bean, only cocoa butter.

  4. Fact! Due to it’s anti-bacterial components on your mouth.

  5. Fiction! The first established chocolate factory was founded in 1765 in New England.

  6. Fact!

  7. Fact!

  8. Fiction! Science now proves this theory was false.

  9. Fact!

  10. Fiction! Easter chocolate is sold at a higher quantity than Valentine’s Day chocolate.


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